Please be aware that our tutors are currently offering online appointments only.

Writing@Liverpool is a free service to help boost your academic writing skills. Book a one to one appointment with one of our friendly Writing Tutors for additional support in analysing questions, becoming more critical, or planning and structuring your writing.

Writing@Liverpool tutors will not proofread your work, provide advice on the content, or offer specific English language support.

In order to make the service available to as many students as possible, appointments will normally be restricted to a maximum of four per semester.

All of our tutors are trained to help anyone with their academic writing, but if you prefer to see someone from a subject area similar to your own, you can filter by faculty and then see which school each of our tutors are from.

If you feel you are not expressing yourself as clearly as you would like in your academic writing, the best people to help you may be the tutors in the English Language Centre. They are expert in analysing English language and any issues which may cause problems for your reader and in giving you guidance in how to improve your academic writing. 

You can book an online appointment with an expert English Language tutor through the English Language Centre.